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Discover How White Coffee Can Slow Down The Aging Process And Reduce The Risk of Cancer

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Nowadays, white coffee has generated a lot of interest among coffee lovers. Having a mild and nutty flavor and known to offer various health benefits, people are keen to try out white coffee. If you too want to opt for the white coffee just for the change or for experiencing health benefits, here is some interesting and useful knowledge about the coffee’s origin, preparation and other related aspects.

what is it about coffee?

What is white coffee?

White coffee is simply under roasted or less roasted coffee. To understand under roasted coffee in a better way, you need to have some understanding about the roast itself.

Typical roasting begins with the endothermic stage where the bean dries out. In the second stage called first crack, chemical compounds begin to react. A cracking sound comes from within the bean and it doubles in size. Brief endothermic stage is the next stage which is then followed by the second crack stage.

In this crack stage, cracking sound is faster and higher pitched than the previous crack stage. At this time beans quickly change color.

A green bean has a green color due to the water in the grain. The grain changes its color to a whitish yellow due to loss of water content. At the endothermic stage, the grain gets expelled from the roaster which provides us with white coffee. Every company chooses a different point of time to finish the roast.

From where white coffee originated:

White coffee originated in Yemen many centuries back. Hawaij was the name given to two mixtures. While the sweet mixture of Yemeni ground spices was primarily used for preparing coffee, the savory mixture was used for preparing soup. Hawaij comes to us through 5,000 years of tradition in Yemen. In old days, people in Yemen used spices as a substitute for scarce vegetables and most importantly as a digestive aid and immunity and energy boosters. Hawaij was originally used by the Yemenite farmers to aid in digestion after a large meal. It enabled them to resume their demanding work in the field.

Where you can get white coffee?

You can purchase a cup of white coffee from a coffee shop which will prepare it for you.

You can also prepare white coffee yourself at your home. For this, you need “ground” white coffee which you can buy from a coffee shop. The right place to buy high quality “ground” white coffee online is Christopher Bean Coffee

The beans you get from a shop for preparing white coffee at home, are quite crude and dense which can create problems for your home grinder. The grinds are also set for espresso coffee machines. 

Espresso machines are ideal for the white coffee preparation. They push the water through at the right temperature and under the right amount of pressure, so maximum flavor can be extracted.

It may happen that the machine may fail to extract the flavor to the desired level. Depending on the machine, grind and the procedure employed, the water may run through too fast. In such cases, you need to run the water through again.

Would you like taste of white coffee?

This question cannot be answered till you try white coffee. It certainly will not taste like the dark coffee which is darkly roasted. Lightly roasted coffee or white coffee has a mild and nutty flavor. Every person will have a different opinion regarding its taste and aroma. You can invent different recipes and have fun while preparing this coffee. It may give you a delectable and fulfilling coffee experience.

The level of caffeine in white coffee:

Though it has been a popular perception among people that the white coffee has got more caffeine than any other coffee, this is not scientifically proven. Studies have shown that lighter roasts have 5.4% more caffeine than darker roasts which is a marginal increase. 

In white coffee, the level of caffeine may vary depending on a particular machine like espresso, drip machine or French Press employed for preparing it and the type of bean the roaster is using.

Bitterness in white coffee:

Dark roasted beans are bitterer than white coffee. Medium roasted beans are very mild and sweet. The extent of bitterness in white coffee depends on various factors, so it is hard to draw any clear conclusions in this regard.

The alkaloid trigonelline is present in all coffees. This is significantly bitter in under roasted coffee. Its bitterness degenerates if the roast goes on. This is the reason why white coffee tastes bitterer than the medium roasts.

Due to harvesting practices, lower grade coffees can be quite bitter too. In case the beans are not fully mature on harvesting, this will enhance the bitterness and negative acidity in the bean. However, the majority of high end coffee shops typically have good quality coffees.

can our morning coffee slow down aging?

Are there any health benefits of white coffee or under roasted coffee?

White coffee is known to offer various health benefits. The delicate roasting process of the white coffee makes it a health elixir.  If we roast something, we expose it to air and the longer we roast the coffee, it will result in greater oxidation. The lighter the roast, the higher will be the chlorogenic acid in the coffee which will help to protect human cells against oxidation and inflammation.

Now, you can better understand why people get withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking black coffee. This happens due to acidity. In case of black coffee, beans are roasted more, so they become more acidic. But in white coffee, beans are roasted for a shorter time span, so they are less acidic. As they are able to retain more chlorogenic acid, they act as a powerful antioxidant. This antioxidant is responsible for slowing down the aging process in our body. Many people say their skin has a glowing tone due to the intake of white coffee.

Apart from slowing down aging, reduced risk of heart stroke and cancer, enhanced physical performance, body and brain protection, burning of fat and reduced risk of type 2 diabetes are some other benefits of white coffee or under roasted coffee.

I hope the insightful knowledge provided here about white coffee will help to spark your interest in this wonderful beverage and let you enjoy a pleasing coffee experience.


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