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100% Colombian Whole Bean 5 LB

$ 39.05

Coffee Is Not Roasted Until You Place Your Order

Our Colombian 5 LB bulk pack is the best way to get fresh roasted coffee to your home or business. When you order it, we roast it.  Our bulk packaging for coffee is packed in state of the art oxygen barrier film with a one way degassing valve to ensure freshness..  All of our bulk coffees are made from 100% Colombian Supremo beans.  It's not called supreme for no reason, the Colombian Supremo is indeed, one of the best coffees you’ll have the pleasure of drinking. Aromatic and rich, it delights all the senses with its well-balanced sweetness, distinct nuttiness, mellow acidity, and clean finish.

Grown in the volcanic mountains of Colombia and in perfect weather no less, Colombian Supremo Arabica beans are lighter in color and bigger in size compared to other coffee beans produced in South America. Even before they are roasted, they already give off a heavenly smell that is unique to its kind.

Christopher Bean’s Colombian Supremo comes with the Fresh Roast Guarantee so you can maximize your enjoyment - your coffee will only be roasted once the order has been placed.

100% Arabica Coffee
Comes with the Christopher Bean Fresh Roast Guarantee
5 LB Whole Bean Coffee

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