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Dawn Patrol

Dawn Patrol Coffee

You've played hard, so sleep comes easy. Only the building excitement of a new day
gives you pause before you drift off. Waking before the sun, you pull the curtains.
Sea gulls drift weightlessly above the gentle waves, barely visible against the pinkish sky.
Patrolling the dawn... just like you. Salt, sand and the freshness of morning stirs all your senses.

It is good to be alive!

The day is coming, but coffee comes before the day. You reach for a single serve cup. You pop it in the brewer and before you can dress, it's ready.

Fresh and fast. Bold as the sun now peeking over the horizon and with an attitude that keeps your attention. Down to the last sip.

As you reach for your equipment, you glance at the brewer. Popping out the cup, you smile as you read the label. Recyclable. Awesome! Throwing the cup in the recycle bin, you rush out the door. Energized.... and encouraged. It was a small part.... but it was your part.

Loving life. Loving coffee.
Loving the earth.

That is you. And that is us.

Christopher Bean Coffee

Bringing your favorite flavor, DAWN PATROL, in a completely recyclable single serve cup. We are calling it the RIGHT cup. Because it is right for our coffee. Because it is right for our planet. Millions of unrecyclable single serve cups end up in our oceans and landfills each year. Devastation is already obvious across our incredible globe.

We all love our coffee. We all want to continue enjoy the beauty of our natural world. These two should never clash. Bold, bodacious coffee in a totally green cup.


Unlike any on the market.

In addition to packing the freshest coffee in the RIGHT cup, we are proud supporters of the Costa Sunglasses Kick Plastic program and the Coastal Conservation Association. As dedicated patrollers of the dawn, we must take up our call as stewards of our blue planet. Together, we can change the tide of the uncontrolled trashing of our environment.

Join us for future events to reclaim our beaches, ocean and land from the looming clouds of destruction that will surely consume their splendor if we don't stop the maddness now.

Doing our part in helping you do yours. One single cup at a time. Choose the RIGHT cup.
We can't afford to keep getting it wrong... because time is running out.

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