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Referral Page

Referral Rewards

Refer family and friends to get rewards when they try and Christopher Bean products!

How to redeem your rewards

  • 1

    Log in to your Christopher Bean account here.

  • 2

    Click on the blue Rewards icon on the
    bottom left side of your dashboard.

  • 3

    Wait for your Rewards dashboard to open.
    Click the "Refer Your Friends" button.

  • 4

    Copy the referral code manually or share it via the
    social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, or email).

  • 5

    When your friends open the link, they will be redirected to
    CB’shomepage where they have to input their email to get their $10 gift.

  • 6

    You will receive a $10 coupon for each account
    will place an order using your code.

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