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Private Label Bottles & Bag In Box (BIB)

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We brew
your success

With over 25 years of mastery in the art of coffee making, Christopher Bean proactively rises to the challenge of brewing the perfect blend for your business’ growth.

We make great coffee and good business possible.

Since 1996, Christopher Bean has been setting the standards for great coffee. Today, we are looking to serve even more cups by providing coffee concentrate solutions adapted to your business needs.

Our Business Solutions


Working with farmers and co-operatives around the world, Christopher Bean’s business-to-business solutions provide opportunities for our clients to capitalize on the growing coffee industry. For 25 years, we have been recognized as a top source for high-quality cold brew, coffee concentrates, and tea concentrates, offering inclusive business solutions and packages. Our White Label coffee and tea solutions include distillation, roasting, packaging and bottling, BIB Filling, labeling, art and design and much more. Rest assured that we got your business needs covered—and we’re the best at it.

If you’re a business looking for a private label option, or would like to stock and serve our coffees and teas, you can get in touch with us at

Email us at

Our Class-Leading Products


Cold Brew

Expertly sourced from the coffee-rich regions of South America, Indonesia, and Africa, our Cold Brew coffees are processed and packed in multiple variations including bag-in-box format with 12:1, 30:1, 70:1, and 80:1 ratio and in ready-to-drink bottles for on-the-go consumption. All varieties are high-yield, cold brew coffee in liquid concentrate form, offered in light, medium, dark roast and flavored configurations.

Christopher Bean Cold Brews also come in caffeinated or decaffeinated variations to cater to our clients’ need for wider options to offer to their end-consumers and customers. We use high-quality Arabica beans blended with a proprietary extraction process to create premium cold brew concentrates. Customized flavor solutions are also available for business-to-business transactions.

Our production quality sets the bar in the coffee industry. All of our concentrates come with a 6 & 12 month shelf life. No refrigeration needed.

Coffee Concentrate

Carefully perfected through years of coffee innovation, our concentrates are the ultimate culinary ingredient for any coffee-centric kitchen. Made from the finest Colombian beans, this liquid coffee in distillate form is processed and packed in multiple variations including bottled, bag-in-box, Tote, Drum & Pail formats with 30:1, 70:1, and 80:1 blend ratios. All varieties are high-yield coffee in liquid distillate form, offered in light, medium, and dark roast configurations.

Same as our Cold Brew, our Coffee Concentrate can be stored for up to 6 & 12 months even with no refrigeration, giving you sufficient lead time to use up your stocks before reordering.

Our coffee concentrates come in caffeinated, decaffeinated and flaovred variations and work with any brewing system. BIB Packaging is fitted with a Scholle type valve connector. Available in flavor and non-flavored versions.

Tea Concentrate

Powerful in benefits, our tea concentrates offer double-strength brew diluted in boiling water. Our tea concentrate is infused with tea extracts from green and black tea, boasting the same amount of benefits as traditionally served tea. Best for serving in coffee and tea shops, all the measuring, timing, and straining are done beforehand—it’s essentially a dilute-and-serve tea.

Christopher Bean’s tea concentrates are expertly brewed from single-origin tea extract sourced from the finest tea-producing regions around the world. We offer a wide range of essences, extracts, and concentrates in white, green, and black tea varieties as well as some common herbal profiles.

If you’re a business looking for tea-based products, say hello to us here and let’s talk about how we can customize our solutions to fit your needs.

Our Edge Among The Others



We uphold the highest regulatory standards for all processes involved in making our products. Our product lines are all-natural, non-GMO, Kosher, Halal, Fair Trade™, and Rainforest Alliance™ certified.

Tested & Certified

Christopher Bean products and solutions are tested by 3rd-party laboratories for quality assurance. Every batch of coffee and tea processed comes with a Certificate of Analysis.

Best for Businesses

Our expanded B2B services allow for bulk pricing, private labeling, and custom blending of our cold brew, coffee concentrate, and tea concentrate for direct business-to-business transactions.

We Brew The Perfect Blend


Our team of experts, artisans, and visionaries have been working together since 1996 to produce the finest coffee ever poured Into a cup. And while everything is a work in progress, Christopher Bean’s current catalog of coffees and teas is undeniably a notch above the rest.

Don’t take our word for it. Take it from the thousands of reviews from our customers, partners, and coffee aficionados who love our coffees and teas.

Start brewing with us today.

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