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5 Culinary Uses for Half-and-Half Other than in Coffee

5 Culinary Uses for Half-and-Half Other than in Coffee

Posted by Stephen Berke on Sep 24th 2020

You can try these out at home if you have an extra pile.

Half-and-half is one versatile ingredient. It’s a shame we only use it for coffee (err, well, most of the time), but do you know all the other ways to use half-and-half?

You may be using it every morning in your coffee, but half-and-half is a handy substitute for milk when you bake, or when you run out of cream for your favorite pasta. You can even use it to add flavor and body to gravies and dips. Regardless of how you’ll use it, no one can say that half-and-half is just for coffee.

If you somehow find yourself having a load of half-and-half surplus, make room for it in your freezer for future use or you can try one of these five ways to spice up your dishes with this amazing ingredient.

  1. Homemade Ice Cream

    Most ice cream recipes require part cream and part half-and-half. However, we suggest using only half-and-half instead. Not only does this switch in ingredients make the process easier, but it also makes the homemade ice cream a little less rich in flavor. It’s the perfect ingredient for tangy ice cream recipes like Sour Cherry Almond Ice Cream.

  2. Creamy Cocktails

    White Russian anyone? Yes, please! Traditionally made with vodka, coffee liquor, and heavy cream—this is another great time to put your half-and-half to good use. Switch out the heavy cream for half-and-half, stir over ice, and enjoy!

  3. Ganache

    Chocolate ganache can be used as an icing for a cake, filling for pastries, topping for ice cream, or fondue. The recipe usually calls for heavy cream, but half-and-half works just as well.

    Bring the half-and-half to a simmer on the stove (stirring occasionally). Remove from the heat and pour over chocolate chips, making sure all the chips are covered. Place a lid on top to trap in the heat, and then let it sit for 5 minutes. Swirl the mixture with a whisk until it becomes velvety smooth. Let it sit uncovered for 12-15 minutes before enjoying it with your favorite dessert.

  4. Pasta or Pan Sauce

    If you're making a basic, pan-fried chicken breast, and you've deglazed the pan to pick up all the yummy brown bits, pour in a splash of half and half. You'll have a richer, more show-stopping sauce just like that. As for pasta, a little half and half goes well with tomatoes, helps the sauce coat the pasta, and adds dimension. You don't have to create a cream sauce, per se, or even get the sauce to turn milky. Just a few tablespoons.

  5. Creamy Scrambled Eggs

    Add a little half-and-half to your eggs as you scramble them on the stovetop. Add a few tablespoons to the beaten eggs and then cook slowly over low heat (which is better for making creamy eggs, half and half or no). This method is great for keeping your scrambled eggs soft and fluffy.

Do you have other uses for half-and-half? Share it with us or write a review for one of our coffees which you paired up with this tasty, amazing ingredient.

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