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Coffee Secrets Unlocked: The Best Iced Coffee Ever

Coffee Secrets Unlocked: The Best Iced Coffee Ever

Posted by Stephen Berke on Sep 24th 2020

The secret to making perfect iced coffee every time is finally revealed.

Good day, Chris here.

Our favorite—but not-so-great-way—to drink iced coffee is to dump ice cubes on a cup of Joe that we prepared hot. To be honest, it was lazy and kind of cheating – a fact further emphasized when we realize how bland, flavorless, and dull the result is. And as temperatures start to fluctuate, a lot of people find themselves switching from hot to iced coffee for their morning cup. Now we ask, “How many dull iced coffees will be made – or get mercilessly poured into the sink?”

Making good iced coffee can seem like a daunting, time-consuming process that sometimes inconveniently ends up with mixed results. But that’s going to change.

A Satisfying Cup of Iced Coffee

Rule of thumb in making iced coffee: never brew it hot. Because the secret to having the best iced Joe is…

…cold-brewed coffee. Mind blown?

Well, you might be smacking your head for missing that one but hey, you probably haven’t had your dose of cold java yet. As the name implies, cold water is used for brewing the coffee instead of the traditional hot, freshly boiled water. Using a cold brew method ensures you never have to deal with stale, watered-down coffee because you didn’t wait long enough to add ice to it.

Also, cold-brewed coffee has significantly lower acidity than their boiled counterparts, and it’s great to keep you refreshed in a hot, humid day without queuing at cafes to get that ridiculously expensive iced latte. But how do you make cold-brewed, iced coffee at home?


What you’ll need:

  • Coffee beans
  • Coffee grinder
  • An AeroPress (or a French press)
  • Fridge

Things to note:

  • If you’ll grind your own beans, be careful not to grind them too fine so your AeroPress or French press can still filter them properly
  • If you do not have a coffee grinder at home, you can order your coffees online and have them grinded

Steps in cold-brewing:

  1. Add the ground coffee to the AeroPress and pour in about a cup and a half of cold filtered water. Stir them well before using the press.
  2. Insert the plunger into the AeroPress and firmly press it down until you hear a long hiss.
  3. Taste the coffee and add more water to desired taste.
  4. Pop it in the fridge and let it sit overnight. Most cold-pressed coffees take around 12 hours to infuse properly.
  5. Remember to pour out the coffee concentrate first in a separate container before taking out the plunger.
  6. You can now add all sorts of finishers: sea salt, caramel, or milk.

Voila! You’ve made your own cold-brewed coffee, perfect for iced amarettos and lattes. However, if this process is too arduous for you, coffee concentrates are here to save your day. Available in bottles of different sizes, coffee concentrates are basically pre-prepared cold-pressed coffee. They are as good as the cold-press coffee you can make at home sans the 12-hour prep.

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