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Coffee Concentrate For The Workplace


Never Make Coffee Again!

We have been roasting coffee now for about 20 years. We love nothing more than fresh roast and ground coffee for brewing, but we also realize that there are certain conditions that make brewing coffee using the traditional method a challenge.



Does running out of coffee and making coffee become a problem
for you?

Are you presently purchasing ground coffee for guests and employees but can't keep up?

Do you need to set a standard in your business for coffee brewing and
control cost?

Are you growing tired of having to babysit your coffee brewer?

Never mind the mess left from spilling grounds before and after perking! Do you dream of eliminating paid employee’s time as they clean and set up the coffee pot then socialize through its brewing cycle, waiting on their morning coffee?

Perhaps you would consider a timesaving, space-thrifty alternative method. How about a product priced to save you money that will, believe it or not, still allow you to offer some of the best tasting coffee on the market?

Here at Christopher Bean Coffee, we offer on demand, liquid coffee concentrate and brewing dispensers equipment designed to be mess free and so convenient it will revolutionize how you serve America's favorite brew. With 'on demand' advantages of liquid todays liquid coffee dispensing machines, you remove the hassle of brewing and cleanup time.  It's time to discover liquid coffee dispensing brewing machines equipment for your business. 

If you are new to the liquid coffee in a box idea, now is the time to take a moment to review what your cost and time is to brew coffee and if you are able to manage it properly. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised when you realize the improvements you can make to your coffee buying and serving experience when you switch to a liquid coffee concentrate bag in box system like Bunn or Newco.

See for yourself the benefits of our shelf stable 30 to 1 concentrate that eliminates opportunity for messy, time-consuming coffee-making mishaps! Here are just a few:

No coffee filters, less labor, NO brewing or preparation time. Instant delivery 24/7 by the cup or by the gallon! And, with the highest industry standards, our 30 to 1 Bag-in-a-Box aka BIB coffee is shelf stable for six months!

Our revolutionary process delivers consistent quality with adjustable strengths. NO more wasted coffee going down the drain which translates into money you keep in your budget!

No need to outsource your service, we also offer brand name coffee liquid dispensing machines from Bunn and Newco, just set-and-forget equipment for fast, easy dispensing. Set your own pace to meet the needs of your business with our simple subscription plan and you will never run out of coffee again!

Coffee options include decaf coffee concentrate, regular coffee concentrate, Dark Roast liquid coffee concentrate, Flavored coffee concentrate all usable in a cold brew style or hot style concentrate.

If you presently purchase ground coffee, do you waste precious dollars on a coffee maid to police your serving area just to keep the pot full? Would you like a product that produces up to 700 cups of fresh, hot coffee just by changing out one box?

We know you are tired of heavy, wet, used grounds in the trash. How about the liability of your employees cleaning burnt coffee from glass decanters?

Make it all go away TODAY!

Getting started is EASY. If you're ready now just purchase your Liquid Coffee Concentrate Machine Brewer and Liquid Coffee Concentrate and we will get you up and running in just a few days. All our liquid coffee concentrate brewing equipment is pre programmed and ready to use when you receive it. There is nothing needed, just a simple connection to a water supply and you're ready to use your liquid coffee maker dispenser.  

Of course you're not alone, as we offer full assistance with your Liquid Coffee Machine set-up. We can even schedule someone to come out and make the connection for you. Questions later? No worries as we are ALWAYS just a phone call away with strong customer support.

Say goodbye to perking or dripping and say hello to your new “pop it in - coffee’s ready” world! Do NOT let this opportunity slip away. Browse our website for stellar service, products, and equipment for your business now! We are your number one source for liquid coffee brewing equipment and machinery.  We offer 30 to 1 ( 30:1 30 plus 1 ) concentrates to suit any type liquid coffee dispensing equipment and machinery.  

We offer Liquid coffee brewing dispensers like Bunn LCA 1  LCA 2 and Newco LCD 1 and LCD 2

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