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Rewards Program

Bean Bucks

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Helpful Tips About Our Rewards Program

Open an Account

Once you log in to Christopher Bean Coffee and create an account, our app will retrieve information from your account and automatically create Bean Bucks Loyalty account for you. When you log into your store account and place an order our system will credit points to our loyalty accounts.

Earn Points

Each dollar spent earns one Bean Buck reward point. The more you spend the more you earn. You can see your loyalty point balance from the tab on the bottom left of the computer after you log into your store account.

Choose Rewards

If you click on the Loyalty Tab located at the bottom left of the computer screen you can open the page to redeem rewards. You can also check redeemed rewards, or see your loyalty point's history.

Once you earn 100 points, a discount code will be displayed for you. After you redeem a reward, Bean Bucks points will be deducted from your account. You can apply the discount code at the checkout when you place an order at our store. The more you buy, the more you earn!

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