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Newco Liquid Coffee Brewer LCD 2- Dual Traditional Pull Faucet System With Scholle Connector

$ 980.00

Coffee Is Not Roasted Until You Place Your Order

The LCD-1 line of equipment supplies piping hot, lively coffee all day & all night!

Eradicate wasted or flat, lifeless coffee while decreasing lost work time for coffee prep and brewing.

Time is money and this system keeps your money where it belongs. In your pocket!

Our supply system ensures perfectly proportioned product to water rates while shielding the extract from air exposure. This process ensures the purest of coffee flavor.

Our delicate, tissue-touch panel is easily calibrated to release your products in various fashion:

  •      Push with steady pressure for a continuous flow or regulate for single cup rate.
  •      Choose your strength: lightly smooth, bolder medium, or a macho shot of caffeine - BAAM!
  •      Pick your temperature: Gently warm or steamy hot!

Each of these utilities are resident right in this amazing device! No extra work, no additional expense! Your desire at your fingertips!

All you need is to simply know what you want! Touch it in and take it out! Look out world, here you come!


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Style Brew Operations Heating System Water Delivery Concentrate Delivery Tank System Voltage Dispense
Liquid Coffee Dispenser Digital/Touch Membrane Tank Reservoir Dump Valve Peristaltic Pump Closed 120v or 240v/240v or Dual Portion Control/Pull 


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