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Caribbean Breeze Whole Loose Tea Leaves

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Caribbean Breeze Whole Loose Tea Leaves

Carribean breeze Green Tea.

An exquisitely fruity tea that can be served both cold and hot. It will gently fold you away into the Caribbean's warm waters and cloudless sky. Taste the natural flavors of kiwi, mango, and passion fruit by each sip.

Undoubtedly, your mind will be magnified by such an intense aroma of overall fruit extravagance.

The pleasant association of this tropical fruit melange is provided by Sencha Green Tea. 

There are many varieties of green teas. What separates these green teas from each other is how farmers grow and process the plant.

Green tea and all teas, in particular, have been popular for a long time, but the first use of Sencha tea was not until the 17th century when it was introduced in Japan.

Previously, matcha was Japan's preferred drink.

Like all teas, the list of tea health benefits is lengthy.

Sencha tea combats free radicals. This helps reduce weight loss, reduces bad cholesterol, and strengthens the immune system aiding a boost in energy.

Sencha green tea and Orange peel with a tropical taste of Mango, Passion fruit and Kiwi.  3 Ounces of loose tea leaves.

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Caribbean Breeze Whole Loose Tea Leaves

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