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Chocolate Whole Loose Tea Leaves

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Chocolate Whole Loose Tea Leaves

Chocolate tea bags

We have come up with a unique mix overflowing from our holistic perspective of the natural world of plants, considering that chocolate and tea are among the best food combinations to bring them together.

Prepare for a deeply satisfying tea with an alluring combination of the two flavors in one cup.

Do not deem otherwise! Try it now! Encounter this aromatic formula designed with special consideration of our blended Ceylon black tea, chocolate bits, and chocolate flavoring.

This mix, filled with antioxidants, is what provides a healthier approach over the whole body. As a new approach to the world of tea, this formulation of chocolate and black tea is synonym to a holistic drink.

A breathtaking flavored and potent concoction that has a rich content of caffeine that can spin you through the day, yet, without being restless.

Blended Ceylon black tea, Chocolate bits and Chocolate flavoring. 3 ounces of premium tea leaves.

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Chocolate Whole Loose Tea Leaves

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