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Ceramic Campfire Mug Black

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Ceramic Campfire Mug Black

If you’re looking for unique drinkware item, then you will love our 13 oz. branded Black ceramic campfire mug with our new Campfire design. 

Made in the style of tin cups, and feature a unique speckled finish that will get the attention of your guests. They also have a slightly flared top for easier drinking and fewer spills. These custom ceramic camper mugs also have a c-shaped handle for an easy grip. Made from sturdy ceramics

  • Designed in tin cup style
  • Slightly flared top for easier drinking and less spills
  • C-shaped handle for easy grip
  • Lovely speckled finish
  • Double sided imprint, campfire image on front, and branded logo on back


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Ceramic Campfire Mug Black

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