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Earl Grey Supreme Whole Loose Tea Leaves

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Earl Grey Supreme Whole Loose Tea Leaves

Earl Grey Supreme Whole Loose Tea Leaves

Offering a selection of pure black Ceylon leaves, orange peel, and bergamot flowers - a tea with uplifting flavors that exhibit their full power in a cup.

Earl Grey comes as a balancing aromatic blend portraying Ceylon's black tea prestige.

A vivid rich taste that comes from bergamot's citrus fruit unwinding your palate with refreshing flavors. 

The extraordinary attribute of this tea is that orange peels together with Bergamont, and Black Tea are essential constituents for a balanced drink.

Tea leaves harmonize the finely aromatic bergamot oil to give Earl Grey Supreme its renowned flavor while the orange peels deliver a citrus tang for the aftertaste. 

Ceylon black tea is packed with antioxidants; Bergamont helps relieve pain and improves mood, while Orange peels are rich in dietary fibers and promote digestion. 

High elevation Pure Ceylon black tea, Orange peel, and Bergamot flavor. 3 ounces of premium tea leaves.

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Earl Grey Supreme Whole Loose Tea Leaves

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