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Fruit & Berry Oolong Whole Loose Tea Leaves

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Fruit & Berry Oolong Whole Loose Tea Leaves

Fruit & Berry Oolong Loose Tea Leaves

A sumptuous variety of the most delicate Chinese Oolong tea leaves that combine and harmonize with Hibiscus and Fennel.

Fruit & Berry Oolong represents a glimpse into the famous Chinese Oolong tea.

Ti Kwan Yin outlines the sheer magnetism of this exquisite tea blend named after the Chinese goddess of mercy who offered this plant to a farmer as a gift.

Oolong tea's health benefits are unlimited. Oolong teas are known to have a significant amount of antioxidants, necessary vitamins and minerals to help with weight loss, manage stress levels, and prevent cancer.

Hibiscus tea provides a unique flavor and a bouquet of potential health benefits.

Deliciously fragrant, exotic and relaxing, Hibiscus tea fits perfectly with the pleasant aromatic taste of Fennel seeds.

Dried fruit pieces, Fennel seeds, Hibiscus, Ti Kwan Yin Oolong. 3 ounces of premium tea leaves.

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Fruit & Berry Oolong Whole Loose Tea Leaves

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