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Bakery Blend

$ 9.99

Coffee Is Not Roasted Until You Place Your Order

Imagine a cup that is aromatic and flavorful yet light enough not to clot your senses with sweetness - that is Christopher Bean’s Bakery Blend. Created to complement all indulgent pastries known to man. From croissants to donuts. Blended to make your mornings better.

Combining the finest coffees from Colombia, Brazil, and Central America, the Bakery Blend has an exceptional bittersweet taste, nuttiness, a silky body, low acidity, and floral hints.

Colombian coffee is grown across the three cordilleras (or mountain ranges) of the Andes by small family farms. Its primary characteristic is its sweetness that is often likened to butterscotch or maple syrup. However, what truly makes the Colombian coffee remarkable is its fruity acidity which eventually rises above the creaminess.

Brazilian coffee on the other hand is known to be fragrant, light, distinctly nutty, bittersweet and at times, even chocolatey. Though delicious on its own, the Brazilian coffee is often used in blends and is common in both commercial and high-end espressos.

100% Arabica Coffee
Comes with the Christopher Bean Fresh Roast Guarantee
Always Roasted to order
One 12 ounce bag of coffee
Available in whole bean, ground, and percolator coarse
Available in regular or decaffeinated
Only Non-GMO flavorings are used

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