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  • Chocolate Orange

    Chocolate Orange

    Nothing could ever go wrong when you mix the world’s most loved flavor with a popular citrus like orange. The choc-orange pairing was conceived during the chocolate renaissance in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It’s an honest cocoa madness with...

    $9.99 - $49.99
  • Caramel Butter Crunch

    Caramel Butter Crunch

    Seductively sweet and tantalizingly smooth, that is Christopher Bean's Caramel Butter Crunch. A luscious blend of rich coffee and buttery caramel that will envelop your senses and leave your mouth with a heavenly aftertaste that is so good, we wouldn't...

    $10.99 - $55.99
  • Cinnamon Pecan Brownie

    Cinnamon Pecan Brownie

    Smells of decadent chocolate and cinnamon waft in the air as you pour a cup of Christopher Bean’s Cinnamon Pecan Brownie. Rich, sweet, and savory, it is basically like biting into a freshly baked brownie that’s all soft and chocolatey on the inside,...

    $10.99 - $55.99
  • Holiday Cheer

    Holiday Cheer

    Reminisce the joy of childhood with our Holiday Cheer flavored coffee! Infused with the flavors of pure chocolate, Irish crème, hazelnut, and a dash of the signature Nutty Irishman cocktail, this super-intense coffee is just right for the holidays. This...

    $10.99 - $55.99
  • Decaf House Blend

    Decaf House Blend

    Kick back and relax. Trust us, you won’t miss a thing with Christopher Bean’s Decaf House Blend. A distinctly spicy blend of medium and dark roasted beans with a mild, well-rounded flavor that will perk up your senses even on the dullest of days. Made...

    $12.49 - $55.99
  • Chocolate Almond

    Chocolate Almond

    Imagine the most exquisite of flavors in Christopher Bean's Chocolate Almond. A timeless blend of smooth Arabica, decadent Swiss chocolate and fresh roasted almonds. Aromatic, mellow, and rich, it will ensnare your senses and lull you into a deep...

    $10.99 - $55.99
  • Colombian Decaf Half Caff

    Colombian Decaf Half Caff

    Christopher Bean’s Colombian Half-Caff Coffee  There is coffee—and then there is Colombian coffee! Known for its rich aroma, creamy body, and distinctive taste, you’ll enjoy a cup of this sweet roast—from the first sip to the last. At Christopher Bean,...

    $12.49 - $57.99
  • Chocolate Cherry Cordial

    Chocolate Cherry Cordial

    This blend is an incredible fusion of red cherry cordial dipped in smooth rich chocolate, truly a timeless flavor.  If you're a chocolate covered cherry lover, this is the blend for you. You'll love waking up to the fresh aroma of luscious chocolate and...

    $10.99 - $55.99
  • Matadors Blend

    Matadors Blend

    Take the bull by the horns, Christopher Bean’s Matadors Blend is created for the brave. This darker Italian roast coffee has a low acidity, bittersweet flavor, and is absolutely intense. Made from the finest, high-grown Arabica beans and roasted to...

    $11.99 - $52.99
  • Decaf Colombian

    Decaf Colombian

    Savor the same supreme flavor of this South American coffee with Christopher Bean’s Decaf Colombian. Let its soul-satisfying aroma awaken your senses and bring you brighter mornings. Smooth and mild in terms of acidity and flavor, it’s the one cup that...

    $11.49 - $55.99
  • Autumn Blend

    Autumn Blend

    Christopher Bean’s Autumn Blend is an enticing combination of three extraordinary coffees from popular coffee-producing regions: Sumatra, Guatemala, and Kenya. Every heartwarming cup delivers a smooth robust flavor that is brightened with citrus, berry,...

    $12.49 - $56.99
  • Smother Me In Kisses

    Smother Me In Kisses

    This is a coffee to brew on quiet evenings when you're sitting on a pillowed sofa, enjoying a fire or your favorite show. That's the image I had in mind when we created this subtle but memorable coffee . . . a kiss of fragrant vanilla and a note of...

    $10.99 - $55.99
  • Caribbean Love

    Caribbean Love

    COCONUT - CHOCOLATE - HAZELNUT It's complicated. Love, that is. So for Valentine's Day, we let ourselves dream of Caribbean Love. Of romantic days that begin and end with a perfect Arabica bean, and a complicated blend of significant others: the...

    $10.99 - $55.99
  • Jazzy Java

    Jazzy Java

    Awaken your taste buds and get them dancing for a second cup with this coffee’s sweet and piquant flavors. Christopher Bean’s Jazzy Java is a smooth and relaxing blend made with the rich and earthy Java coffee, and accented with the tantalizing...

    $10.99 - $55.99
  • Kenya Kilimanjaro Blend

    Kenya Kilimanjaro Blend

    Wake up to the wonderful floral aroma of Christopher Bean’s Kenya Kilimanjaro Blend to set your day right. Bright, fruity, and full-bodied, this blend proves to be truly one of a kind as it combines coffees from the Kenya Kirimara Estate, Tanzania, and...

    $12.99 - $58.99
  • Pumpkin Spice

    Pumpkin Spice

    Nothing can bring back that tingly holiday feeling better than Christopher Bean’s Pumpkin Spice. It is the perfect blend of sweet and spice that will truly bring out everything nice about your evening. Made with fine, well-balanced Arabica and infused...

    $10.99 - $55.99
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

    Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

    Fragrant, sweet, and a little fruity, the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is a treat best enjoyed on its own, untainted by milk, cream, or sugar. Its combination of aromatic florals and flavors of lemon, plum, and fig makes it a fantastic coffee that is perfect...

    $14.99 - $62.99
  • Chocolate Decadence

    Chocolate Decadence

    It doesn't matter what the question is, chocolate is the answer. Satisfy your deepest chocolate desires with this Christopher Bean bestseller - the Chocolate Decadence. A lush blend of good quality chocolate and premium Arabica beans that will leave your...

    $10.99 - $55.99
  • Gingerbread Creme Brulee

    Gingerbread Creme Brulee

    Gingerbread Creme Brulee Your favorite flavor from home come together with a classic dessert in a delicious holiday coffee. Sweet, creamy, and mildly spicy, this coffee combines 100% Arabica with the flavors of gingerbread and creme brulee. Just in time...

    $10.99 - $55.99
  • Amaretto Raspberry

    Amaretto Raspberry

    AMARETTO RASPBERRY   From the old world to today, amaretto has always found a way to reinvent itself. With its roots tracing back to Saronno culture, this classic flavor associated with love has proved itself timeless. Once again, amaretto has weaved...

    $10.99 - $55.99
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